In this post, I will talk about traveling solo as a female.

Since I officially declared myself a digital nomad, I decided to buy a one-way ticket to Turkey and see how it went. I had to step outside my comfort zone once again and go into the unknown. I was not scared, I was hungry and ready for it.

During my trip to Turkey, I found the power of being alone. In the past, I loved spending time alone but I never spent so much time alone as I did during this trip. I never felt so complete and not lonely. I did a lot of self-reflection and I re-discovered myself.

I started going on dates with myself, something that I never really did before comfortably. I remember every time I went to a restaurant alone the waiter would ask me: How many people? And I would say one person – it’s just me, myself and I. My confidence has boosted so much since I started traveling solo. I had to build a lot of resilience and strength to do it. In the beginning, I would get a bit nervous when I went to places alone, now it’s part of my routine.

While I was in Turkey I reached my highest levels of joy and freedom, so I decided to buy another ticket from Istanbul to Georgia and then from Georgia to Albania. I only know where I’ll be next month, I love the feeling of not knowing where I will be in two months from now. My goal is to travel to 12 new countries in the next 12 months.

I never thought I would be living the life that I’m living, I feel like I’m on a permanent vacation. I have developed a new addiction that I wasn’t aware of and that is… TRAVEL.

What is the life that you would like to live?

By Natalia Vidal – Pink But Not Weak.

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