Before we get into how to tap into our feminine energy I would like to explain the difference between masculine and feminine energy.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the yin (female) and the yang(masculine). We all have access to both masculine and feminine energy. Not because you have a lot of masculine energy it means that you’re not feminine. I, for example, have more masculine energy and I consider myself a very feminine woman.

So, what is masculine energy? It’s about hustle, go get it, being direct, unbreakable, always confident, kicking goals, and achieving things in order to be powerful.

Whereas feminine energy is about being more intuitive, loving, caring, not suppressing emotions, nurturing, gentleness, patience, and flexibility.

When our own masculine and feminine energies are out of balance, we can experience inner conflict, difficulty in making decisions, and crises.

In the past, I used to have a lot more masculine than feminine energy but I’ve learned how to tap into my feminine energy.

Being in touch with my emotions and listening to my body has really helped me tap into my feminine energy by being more intuitive, gentle and just project myself the way I am.

To conclude, the feminine energy allows us to just “be” whereas the masculine energy allows us to “do”. So having a combination and a balance of both is the key to success.

By Natalia Vidal – Pink But Not Weak

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