I’m a Life & Career Coach, Podcast Co-Host & Founder of Pink But Not Weak.

Like most uf us do, I’ve been through some stuff in my life. However I’ve always believed that:
“Things don’t happen TO you, they happen FOR you”
I’ve always been extremely optimistic and always try to look for the positives and focus on the solutions to the challenges. 


For many years I have dedicated my professional career to my great passion: helping people discover their full potential to create a prosperous and harmonious life in accordance with their goals and desires, both in their personal and professional lives. I LOVE people and I love LIFE.

I have always been guided by a deep feeling of love for human beings and the conviction that we all have a butterfly inside and that therefore we have the power to transform ourselves, to make profound changes and fully renew ourselves to spread our wings and fly very high.

If I had to describe myself in 5 words, I would use: 
♡ Loyal
♡ Honest
♡ Generous
♡ Loving
♡ Optimistic

My brothers would describe as ‘bossy and inspiring’ and my friends as ‘fun and joyful’.

Taking care of my mental as physical health has been a priority of mine. I have a holistic lifestyle where I strive to create a balance between my mind, body, soul, and emotions.

Pink But Not Weak means that not because you’re in touch with your emotions it means that you’re weak. On the contrary, being in touch with your emotions is the biggest sign of strength that you can show.

If you look at powerful women in business, a lot of them dress and act like a man as they might think they will be taken more seriously. Pink But Not Weak also means that you can look and act feminine and still be a badass leader.

The color pink typically symbolises femininity, romanticism, sensitivity, sweetness, innocence, charm, and gratitude. 
However, the way I choose to see it is that the color pink represents more than just femininity; it also represents a part of every human being who is in touch with their emotions and is learning to let go.

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