I’m a Holistic Life Coach, Podcast Co-Host & Founder of Pink But Not Weak.

Some years ago…

 I went through a lot of emotional abuse & trauma. That left me a lot of wounds like lack of self-belief, I wasn’t able to properly articulate my words, and wasn’t able to express myself in order to avoid conflict.

 I was sabotaging myself 99 % of the time, feeling completely lost and out of touch with the person I was at my very core. I had no goals, no purpose, and honestly, no desire to keep going like this…

 I had a binge eating disorder where I ate until I felt sick. I used to hate my body.

 Had self-pity and destructive behavior patterns – my mind was constantly occupied with negative thoughts.

 Growing up I often felt “different” and insecure about who I was because of being a highly-sensitive empath.

One thing that I’ve always told myself is:

“Things don’t happen TO you, they happen FOR you


 I’ve healed my trauma. I am able to speak up for myself and live unapologetically.

 I am comfortable in my own skin and feel as confident as I’ve ever been. I’ve traveled solo for over a year living in a different country each month.

 I’ve healed my relationship with food, I follow intuitive eating and I’m learning to love my body.

I know what my core values are and what I want to achieve.

 Whenever I’m feeling anxious or upset, I’ve learned how to manage my emotions through mindfulness.

 I’ve learned how to let go of those negative thought patterns that were holding me back.

I started working with a coach in order to get rid of my binge eating disorders and heal my traumas. During this period of time I started journaling and meditating a lot. That helped me heal and that’s when I experienced a spiritual awakening and decided that I had enough of eating disorders, people-pleasing and never feeling good enough. I decided to go from “good girl” to badass.

I thought, If I’ve been able to break through these patterns why not help other women do the same thing? That’s when I decided to become a coach and until today I’ve been able to help thousands of women all around the world – this is my calling and this is the reason why I came to this world.

Pink But Not Weak means that not because you’re in touch with your emotions it means that you’re weak. On the contrary, being in touch with your emotions is the biggest sign of strength that you can show.

If you look at powerful women in business, a lot of them dress and act like a man as they might think they will be taken more seriously. Pink But Not Weak also means that you can look and act feminine and still be a badass leader.

The color pink typically symbolises femininity, romanticism, sensitivity, sweetness, innocence, charm, and gratitude. 
However, the way I choose to see it is that the color pink represents more than just femininity; it also represents a part of every human being who is in touch with their emotions and is learning to let go.

I’m really passionate about entrepreneurship that’s why I started a YouTube Channel where I interview women that have their own businesses so that they can share their inspiring stories with the world.

I’m also a digital nomad that has lived in over 10 countries solo. Travel is one of the few things that you can buy that actually makes you richer.

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