I conduct coaching workshops both online and in-person with groups of individuals in Companies, Social Clubs, and other associations.

These workshops are structured learning experiences designed to help individuals develop specific skills, knowledge, or competencies with my guidance. We focus on personal and professional growth, and they typically involve interactive activities, discussions, and exercises. We can cover a wide range of topics and are often tailored to the needs and goals of the participants.

🚀 What You’ll Gain:

✨ Motivation and Focus

✨ Increased Self-Awareness

✨ Networking Opportunities

✨ Increased Confidence

✨ Career Advancement

✨ Personal Growth

✨ Enhanced Leadership Skills

✨ Goal Achievement

About me

For many years I have dedicated my professional career to my great passion: helping people discover their full potential to create a prosperous and harmonious life in accordance with their goals and desires, both in their personal and professional lives. I LOVE people and I love LIFE.

I have always been guided by a deep feeling of love for human beings and the conviction that we all have a butterfly inside and that therefore we have the power to transform ourselves, to make profound changes and fully renew ourselves to spread our wings and fly very high.

What my clients have to say:

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The main obstacles that were holding me back were perfectionism and procrastination. Another habit I wanted to change was comparison. Thank you Natalia for helping me improve all these aspects and be more at peace with myself. The small steps you made me take have had a huge effect on my life. I feel super lucky to have had the opportunity to work with you. Your 'Pink method' is truly transformative! I feel more powerful than ever!
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I loved your proactive way of approaching the sessions, you always prepared to get the most out of it. At the end of each session you gave me practical exercises to do and this has been very useful to integrate all the concepts. I felt very comfortable in the sessions, thank you for being so transparent and direct. I needed someone to tell me the truth in a subtle way and give me unconditional support. Thank you!!
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Thank you very much for coaching me Natalia, you have transformed my life. I have learned a lot about emotional intelligence and temperament. I have loved guided meditation to reduce the stress that was in my body. I have also really liked guided meditation to find my “happy place” and be able to go to this place whenever I need it. Thanks again! I don't know where I would be if I hadn't worked with you.
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