I was 23 years old (I’m 25 now) when I was living in Barcelona working as an Events Manager and traveling around the world to run the events but, I was tired. I was tired of living in Barcelona (my home-town), always being surrounded by the same people, same places, family issues… I needed to BREATHE.

I started to look at international programs, and came across with a program at UCLA Extension so decided to do a Business Management certificate. Moving to Los Angeles was the best decision I did in my entire life, I felt FREE.

I moved there completely by myself without knowing a single person but I wasn’t scared because I knew I was doing what I wanted to do and I was more than ready for it. The only thing I had was a culture shock as we all do when we move to a new country. However, it was a positive shock because I felt that people were not judging me, I could just be my TRUE SELF.

I met so many HEALTHY people, and what I mean by that is: true, genuine, humble, honest and with a huge heart.

I’ve always been fascinated by meeting people from abroad, I love getting to know people from other cultures. One thing that shocked me is that we had so many things in common even though we were from different continents and the reason being is because we had the same VALUES and this is basic in any relationship.

Los Angeles is the best city to live in when you’re young because of the amount of stuff there is to do. We were constantly going to parties, NBA games, movies, brunching, going for trips, picnics watching the gorgeous sunsets, biking in Santa Monica and an endless list of stuff we used to do.

Before moving to Los Angeles I also lived in Paris and London but for a shorter amount of time and I am in love with those two cities too. Living abroad SHAPED ME into the person I am today. It opened my EYES, my MIND and my HEART. I got to meet people from all around the world and was lucky enough to meet some of my best friends that I can count with one hand.

By Natalia Vidal – Pink But Not Weak

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